Phoebe is a creative beauty, fashion, lifestyle and portrait photographer from a small town just outside Brighton, UK. She holds a first class degree in Photography from the University of West England and has worked as a full time professional photographer for three years. Prior to this, she worked with Paul Smith, Lauren Cook and Goose and Gander as well as food photography for Limetree Kitchens. Since Graduating, Phoebe’s work has refined into fashion, beauty, portrait and lifestyle and for the past two years she has worked as the in-house photographer for Global bath and lifestyle brand Crabtree and Evelyn. Phoebe has experience assisting and filming behind the scenes video for world -class photographer Richard Bradbury and still remains Mr Bradbury’s retoucher and good friend. Through her career Phoebe has built connections with other photographers, models, designers and copy writers and loves working with other creatives.

Phoebe has a background in textiles and fine art painting and she brings these skills into her photography with her attention to detail. Her interest in both of these things remains alongside her professional work.

Phoebe also has a passion for travel and language, since she was 19 she has enjoyed travelling solo to places such as Mexico, Vietnam, India and Japan. She has also begun learning Japanese so that in her future trips she will be able to amerce herself more in the culture.

“I am obsessed with photography because I am obsessed with people. Capturing a bold and beautiful moment, with beautiful light and genuine expression can change even the most functional image into a piece of art.”

– Phoebe

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